Man. Organize your toolkit. Underwear can be comfortable. Everyday.
This ain't ordinary type of underwear. Our goal is to make most comfortable
underwear / underwear baselayers for men. Sauna research center proudly
presents TOOLKIT COMFORT ™ Pouch.
Featuring pouch structure that creates an internal space for your precious
tools. This provides superior support, prevents any friction and comforts your
everyday life and lifestyle like never before.
Available in CASUAL cotton and SUPREME DryFast™ polyester.

Made in Finland.
Comfort your lifestyle.


Greetings from Chiriguano Bay, Antarctica. Protect yourself from notorious wildlife.
Our Winter collection has a good variety of quality beanies. Mainly Merino & Wool blends.
Winter is on it's way...Cover your head.

All beanies are Made in Finland or EU.

Click the beanies to get all colour options.
Have a look & Enjoy !

For any complaints, call 0800-HANNU