After numerous seasons in the Alps and travelling around the world, Sauna was founded in 2010, and is based in Helsinki, Finland. Although, the office is really in the mountains.

During our travels, it has been remarkable to meet different cultures and like-minded people. Sharing moments up on the mountains, in the nature, or just having a pint with some random guy can be priceless. For these moments, one doesn't need status. 

The same mentality exists with the Sauna. Sauna is part of the culture, and describes life. In the past, it has been a place for the birth, the joy, and the sorrow of human life. The sauna has always been egalitarian and equal. In the Sauna, you're naked. You're just another guy.

Sauna's mission is to create high-quality headwear. Every product has a meaning or its own story to tell. Being part of nature, celebrating ancient beliefs, and cherishing the fact that individuals can hold incredible talents, Sauna is designed for humanlike creatures.

Our logo depicts the Couple, Akka & Ukko, symbolising humankind, relationships
& love. At the same time the logo Trees characterises the nature. R’spct.

Arska & Ville